New MV: Beyonce Debuts “Die With You”

beyoncereview5n-1-webRihanna wasn’t the only one to debut new music on Tidal this weekend! Beyonce used the new platform to celebrate her and Jay Z’s seven year anniversary with a new single titled “Die With You”. “I don’t have a reason to be if I can’t be with you” and “I live so I can die with you,” she sings. In the video, Beyonce showcases her skills on the keyboard as she sings the beautiful ballad. This weekend, Hov also pulled his debut Reasonable Doubt off Spotify! At this rate, it looks like Tidal will be the exclusive move for new music! If you have $20.00 a month, you can sign up here! Otherwise, I’ll keep you all updated for free-ninety-ninety! Check out Beyonce’s “Die With You” at TIDAL!


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