POP Music: Jason Derulo Returns With “Want To Want Me”

derulo-want-to-want-meWhile his ex-girl turns up on her new single “Double Tap” featuring 2 Chainz, Jason Derulo hits the scene with his new single “Want To Want Me”. “Want To Want Me” is an upbeat, hard-hitting pop track prepared for radio airplay! On the track, Jason expresses his feeling for an admirer. “Girl, you the one I want to want me! And if you want me, girl you got me! There’s nothing I wouldn’t do just to get up next you,” Jason croons as he shows off his falsetto. In the premiere video for the track, Jason sings to a girl who looks like Jordin Sparks! In this a message in disguise? This past summer Jason killed it with his hit singles “Talk Dirty” and “Wiggle Wiggle” and it looks like he’s gearing up for more success this time around. Jason Derulo is currently preparing a forthcoming album for later this year! Pep your step! Check out Jason Derulo’s “Want To Want Me” below!


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