New MV: Ariana Grande – “One Last Time” [Teaser]

Ariana Grande Teases "One Last Time" Music Video
After hitting the stage to perform “One Last Time” at the 57th Grammy Awards, Ariana Grande gears up for the release the single’s visuals. “One Last Time” is a smooth ballad about loving for the last time. In the teaser for the video, it looks like Grande will be following the space galaxy-themed “Break Free”, telling a story about a couple that decide to love after the apocalypse. “It’s very unique, it’s very different, I called Max Landisup and I said ‘hey I want to do something that ends exactly like this’ and I described the ending shot to him and then I said I also want it to be one take … and I want the ending shot to look like this,” Ariana said. “And I described those two things to him and he’s like, ‘wow, that’s ambitious and it’s brave and it’s different, but let’s try it.” she explained on the Grammy red carpet. The video is due for release February 15th! Check out the teaser below!


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