New MV: The Dream & T.I. Hit Up A Mysterious Masquerade In “That’s My Sh*t”

The Dream & T.I. Hit Up A Mysterious Masquerade In "That's My Sh*t"Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 2.09.23 PMKicking off 2015 comes The Dream with his newest single “That’s My Sh*t”. The official radio-killer teams up with T.I. to deliver the nice, smooth jam! “She don’t love you ’cause if she did, she wouldn’t be all in the club reppin’ like she my bitch,” he croons, while Tip goes all in on his verse. In  the video for the single, the R&B superstar makes his way through a mysterious masquerade full of beautiful women! Halfway through the video, he meets up with Tip for a game of dice. Currently The Dream is preparing both a new EP Crown and album Jewel for 2015! “Crown is more modern R&B, and Jewel will be more what you might think of as my songwriter side, the songs I might have given to other artists before,” said The Dream. “If you put me in a box, Jewel is more what you get when that box is open. But I’m not limited by any box I’ve been put in—every year I’m expanding and growing, and it makes for a more interesting plot.” It looks like this year is packing fire! Check out The Dream in “That’s My Sh*t” featuring T.I. below!


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