Farynheight Brings Heat To #TheThrowback With Bell Biv DeVoe & Junior MAFIA


Name: Farynheight

Year: Senior

Major: Nursing

90’s Favorites: Zebra Gum, Overalls & Playing Outside.

Being a huge fan of entertainment I was super excited to get on board with #BennettKnowsRadio. Bennett and I have been great friends for a very long time now, so I felt like we’d be the perfect match! I bring the heat to #BennettKnowsRadio! Let me tell you how! When it comes to Farynheight you never really know what to expect. As I dig in the crates of other states, I’m always bringing you what’s poppin’ before it even pops! On the flip side, I can bring it a whole different direction persuading you to listen and think outside the box by turning the heat down (a bit) with some mellow vibes!

This time around #BennettKnowsRadio finds inspiration in the 90’s for #TheThrowback! We have a season full of surprises ahead of us! Stay tuned!

Bell Biv DeVoe – “Poison” 

Junior Mafia – “Get Money” ft. BIG 


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