New MV: Rae Srummerd – “Up Like Trump”

up-like-trump-475x475After hitting us with “Throw $ome Mo” ft. Nicki Minaj, Rae Srummerd hits us with another turn-up called “Up Like Trump”. As the title suggests, the duo raps about their new lavish lifestyle which consists of a lot of parties, a lot of money and a lot of girls. “Up like Donald Trump, chain swang like numb chucks! She gon’ chew you up, twerk like she’s from Russia!”, they spit. In the video, the duo hit up Time Square in Manhattan, New York to deliver the ultimate visual! Rae Sremmurd are currently preparing to kick off 2015 with their debut album SremmLife due for release January 6th. The debut features artists such as Big Sean and Jace of Two-9. Are you ready for that “SremmLife”? Check out Rae Sremmurd’s “Up Like Trump” below!

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