Special Guest Blog: BennettKnows And Laura Fortunato Interview Singer/Songwriter Meredith O’Connor

BennettKnows and Chasing LA's Laura Fortunato Interviews Meredith O'ConnorChasing LA writer, Laura Fortunato and myself traveled to New York City to catch up with Long Island singer/songwriter, Meredith O’Connor! Below is a special guest blog written by Laura on our experience and interview with the Youtube sensation!  Check it out!

Stop what you’re doing and check out this singer/songwriter, actress and anti-bullying activist named Meredith O’Connor. We had the lovely pleasure of meeting Meredith O’Connor at Quad Recording Studio in Times Square, New York. Not only did we have the pleasure of interviewing her, we even stuck around the studio till 7 AM… Mind you we arrived there at 9:30 PM! We had the exciting opportunity of sitting behind the scenes as Meredith prepared her forthcoming debut album with Grammy nominated producer Kenny Ortiz!

Meredith O’Connor is  eighteen years old from New York and is trained in Classical, Broadway as well as Pop Vocals . At a young age Meredith has also found her passion in theatre productions. Meredith O’Connor didn’t become a sensation over night however, she dedicated her hard work to be at where she is now. Her debut single “Celebrity” gained 1/2 million views in a little over a week which brought Meredith’s career to new levels! Her second single, “The Game”, explores her role as an anti bullying activist. Meredith O’Connor’s involvement with the anti-bullying movement stems from her early school years where she herself  was a victim of bullying. Today, Meredith continues to help children/teens who have fallen to being bullied while encouraging and helping them to be strong. Her effort to put a stop to bullying in schools has also led her to become an official advisor, writer, and speaker for the non-profit organization Reach Out. Additionally, Meredith looks forward to the release of Red Head Randy, a crowd sourced horror film that recognizes the seriousness of bullying, in which Meredith plays a lead role. For more updates on Meredith O’Connor on where she will be performing next, visit Meredith O’Connor’s Official!

Check out our interview with Meredith O’Connor along with her new video “Just The Thing” below!

BennettKnows And Laura Fortunato Interview Meredith O’Connor

Meredith O’Connor – “Just A Thing (Alternative Ending)” 



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