Iggy Azalea Teases ‘Reclassified’ Tracks

iggy-azalea-today-show-1With the success of “Fancy”, collaborations on hits such as Jennifer Lopez’s “Booty”, T.I.’s “Mediocre” and Ariana Grande’s “Problem”, amongst other projects, Iggy Azalea’s stardom continues to rise. A few weeks ago, with the announcement of The New Classic rerelease, the “Black Widow” rapper reveled that she doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon! While the repackaged album includes a dozen original tracks, it will also include six new songs -one being an Ellie Goulding collaboration and another being a follow-up with Charlie XCX! While, the Ellie Goulding track was teased in the trailer for ‘Kingsman’, Iggy and her friend teased the Charlie XCX collaboration, “Beg For It”, and another turn-up tack called “Iggy Season”. It looks like the Australian diva’s reign on the charts is far from over! Are you ready for more I-G-G-Y!?  Check out Iggy Azalea’s teasers below!



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