August Alsina Wakes Up From ‘Three Day Coma’!

August Alsina Wakes Up From 'Three Day Coma'!On Monday night, R&B newcomer August Alsina was rushed to the hospital after collapsing during one of his shows in New York. After a week of speculation, the singer broke his silence with a picture uploaded to his Instagram account. “This is a bit graphic but i wanted to share this w/ every follower of mine. iWoke up out of a 3 day coma… &This guy @banggang_moneyteam right here never once left my side. What I’m tryna say is cherish the ones in life who cherish you & take good care of yourself. Your life can be gone in a split second’. I’m recovering well and thank you for all of your prayers & concerns”, he explained. According to reports, August fainted as a result of exhaustion and dehydration. Wishing August Alsina the best recovery!


August Alsina – “No Love” ft. Nicki Minaj


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