Fergie Announces New Single! Can She Make A Comeback?

Kendrick Lamar isn’t the only one returning to radio next week! Along with Maroon 5 with “Animals” comes Black Eyed Peas diva, Fergie! Yes, Fergalicous is making her comeback after 8 years! The last time Fergie released a solo-album was The Dutchess back in 2007. Now, if you don’t remember that, The Dutchess was poppin’! Fergie’s debut, solo-album spawned five smash hit singles including “Clumsy”, “Fergielicous”, “Glamorous” featuring Ludacris, “London Bridges” featuring Will.I.Am and “Big Girls Don’t Cry”. According to Billboard, the new single, produced by Mike Will Made-It,  “L.A. Love (La La)” is due for release September 29th! Do you think Fergie can make a successful comeback!? We’ll find out next week! Check out Fergie’s “Glamorous” featuring Ludacris below!


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