Special Guest Blog: “Happy” (Cover By Bianca & Rodda J)

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 9.15.16 AMBack in March, my mom caught Grandma Betty’s story in the news. Grandma Betty had been battling lung cancer, so her grandson, Zach Belden, made an instagram account to share and document her last moments. Two things were different about her. First is that she never stopped smiling and staying positive regardless of her circumstance. Second, she danced to Pharrell Williams song, “Happy,” and was recognized by the artist himself! Pharrell was touched by Grandma Betty’s story so he told his fans and friends to support her, and instantly: she was an internet sensation.

My mom ran over to show me Grandma Betty and how she was inspiring people from all around the world! I felt in my heart to contact them, so I decided to write a card. Shortly after I wrote the card, I felt God told me to dedicate a youtube video to Grandma Betty and her family. I thought, If you have the chance to make someone smile even just for a second, why not do it?! Her and her family gave hundreds of thousands of people a reason be happy, so let’s give them one too!

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 9.24.43 AMI contacted Zach Belden in March and started recording with my talented friend, Roderick Jones (Rodda J) in my basement. The idea started off small, until I thought about Rodda J dancing in the video. He is a triple threat as he sings, song writes, and dances! I asked myself, what would make me happy when I’m sad? A LOT of people dancing. So, that’s just what we did! Many of my friends knew of Grandma Betty and everyone wanted to be a part of the video! I asked all of my amazing dancer friends if they could help, and they came together as one and worked not only as a team, but a family. Many friendships were born as people came together and it was simply pure joy.

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 9.21.48 AMGod wants us to give of ourselves, encourage others and work together! When you do just that, you end up feeling blessed even though it seems that it should be the other way around. I am humbled that we are able to continue spreading Grandma Betty’s legacy, extremely appreciative of everyone involved in this video and honored that we could make a “youtube card” for such an incredible family.

“Happy” (Cover by Bianca ft. Rodda J) – A Tribute to Grandma Betty 

1 Comment on Special Guest Blog: “Happy” (Cover By Bianca & Rodda J)

  1. It is simply wonderful to see love become an action and incite more love and more action. Keep up the great work Bianca and friends and this world will be a better place. Let Jesus shine through you!!

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