POP Music: Cris Crab – “Liar Liar” [Listen]

Cris Cab - "Liar Liar"Today’s POP track is delivered by an American artist named Cris Crab. “Liar Liar” is a reggae-fusion, pop track produced by none other than Pharrell Williams. The song explores the theme of a manipulative woman who lies to get what she wants. “Liar, liar! She’s on fire! She’s waiting there around the corner; just a little air and she’ll jump on ya!”, Cab sings over the crisp production. While the track is Crab’s first track to chart internationally, “Liar Liar” has not made a major impact in the United States. As the reggae fusion sub-genre continues to grow in popularity, I’m sure Cris Cab will make his way onto the Billboard Hot 100! Check out Cris Crab’s “Liar Lair” ft. Pharrell below!

1 Comment on POP Music: Cris Crab – “Liar Liar” [Listen]

  1. Excellent work composing POP Music: Cris Crab – Liar Liar [Listen] – Pop Culture Blog by
    Bennett Koffa.


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