New MV: Psy – “Hangover” ft. Snoop Dogg [Watch]

New MV: Psy - "Hangover" ft. Snoop Dogg [Watch] Remember the guy that brought us “Gangnam Style” over two-years ago? Yeah, well he might seem like a one-hit wonder but he’s averaging a hit per year. Last year the Korean rapper broke records when his follow-up track “Gentleman” peaked at #6 on the Billboard Hot 100. Most recently Psy set a the record for first video with 2 billion views on Youtube with his debut track! Today the Korean rapper teams up with Snoop Dogg for his new track “Hangover”. “Hangover” is another one of Psy’s techno-pop tracks that will get stuck in your head instantly! Although this isn’t Psy official track (with his actual single “Summer” coming soon), I think adding Snoop gives this one a little flavor that will benefit the promo! Do you think Psy can break records with a hang over? Don’t party too hard! Check out Psy’s “Hangover” ft. Snoop Dogg below!


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