New Music: Beyonce – “Partition” ft. Iggy Azalea [Listen]

New Music: Beyonce - "Partition" ft. Iggy Azalea [Listen]This morning I came across this interesting mash-up between two of today’s biggest female artists! Ryan Colbert decided to fuse Beyonce’s club-anthem “Partition” and Iggy Azalea’s current hit “Fancy” into one high-energy club-banger. While it wouldn’t seem like the two go well together, the mastered version sounds great! Too bad it isn’t official! Iggy Azalea was actually Beyonce’s opener during her Mrs. Carter Show in Australia. I can’t wait to see Iggy collaborate with female artists such as Beyonce, Rihanna and maybe even Nicki Minaj! It’s Friday! Kick it off with Beyonce’s “Partition” ft. Iggy Azalea below!

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