Bianca Performs “Warrior” On #BennettKnowsRadio [Watch]

Bianca Sings Performs "Warrior" On #BennettKnowsRadiopRhode Island singer/song Bianca writer stopped by #BennettKnowsRadio to perform an original called “Warrior”. Bianca got the inspiration to write the track after she watched an episode of “20/20” where a high school cheerleader, Daisy Coleman, was sexually abused by a football player. “I had watched this show and this girl Daisy was going through a lot. Her dad had died before this incident and then 3-years later she’s at school, she’s 13 years old, and basically her older brother’s friend raped her at a party and literally left her out on the front lawn, in the snow to just die. So her mother found her and she’s alive but from then on she was bullied so bad that she kept attempting suicide. I just dropped, I felt for her! I wanted to write anthem for her. I wanted to write a song dedicated to her saying ‘Hey, this is for you! keep going don’t stop!’ This is the song I wrote for her”, Bianca explains. The passion and inspiration shines through her lyrics and powerful performance! Check out both Daisy Coleman’s Story and Bianca’s performance of “Warrior” below!

Bianca Perform’s “Warrior” On #BennettKnowsRadio

Daisy Coleman’s Story

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