Trey Songz Squashes “Beef” With August Alsina

Trey Songz and August AlsinaDuring August Alsina’s promotions for his debut Testimonial, he was constantly questioned about his dispute with “NaNa” singer, Trey Songz. The questions became so abrupt that August became obviously angered, cussing out the host on BETs 106 Live. Now that it’s Trey’s turn to promote his upcoming album Trigga, he’s putting the beef to rest. “August is like a little brother to me. You know what I mean? I took him on early in his career. We had a discrepancy and he didn’t know how to deal with that. He hasn’t been in a situation where he has to answer the same question a million times. That’s frustrating so you know, I believe he spoke and said some things he didn’t really mean. Out of pressure. I really care about him. I mean, he got a lot going on in his life, outside of music. And I know that about him”, he explained during an interview with The Breakfast Club. “I didn’t feel the need to speak out against him; that really don’t do nothing for me. I don’t wanna see nobody do bad. If a new artist come in and I think they’re talented, I wouldn’t have jumped on his song or been all in this picture, that picture. Have him here, there with me.” He continued, “I mean, I like the dude. You know what I mean? So everything he said about me, it’s whatever because I want to see him do good and I get nothing out of talking down on people”, he continued. Trey Songz is currently finishing his forthcoming albumTrigga due for release this summer! Check out Trey Songz “Foreign” below!


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