Special Guest Blog: Sticky Pacaveli – “WWYD” [Listen]

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Rhode Island artists Sticky Pacaveli is back at it again! Earlier this year he came through with “White America“. This time around, he hits us with a smooth track called “WWYD”. Yesterday, I spent a little while with Sticky and man . . . is he cooking! Check him out!

I go by the name sticky Pacaveli. Growing up in Africa I saw it all -murder, salvation and even heartbreak. Life is all about experience, my journey from where I came from to where I am now -it’s nothing but inspiration. I’m also inspired by the people I contact each and everyday. I am not a rapper, I am an artist. My fascination for art is why I make music -see and feel my imagination. I’ve always wonder what would I do if I lost someone close to me. We all have our perfect partner created in our mind, so what would you do if your dreams came through and you find the woman you have always wanted but due to your immaturity you lose her, what would you do to cope with the pain?

Make sure you look out for more good music from Stick Pacaveli! Until then, check out “WWYD” below!

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