Lady Gaga Vs. Katy Perry: Whats The Beef?

Lady Gaga Vs. Katy Perry: Whats's The Beef? Lady Gaga Vs. Katy Perry: Whats's The Beef? A couple weeks ago pop divas Lady Gaga and Katy Perry launched their ‘ARTRAVE Ball’ and ‘Prismatic’ World Tours. While both divas shows are complete with colorful stage sets, impressive sets and crazy costumes, Gaga believes that the “Dark Horse” singer stole her swag. Gaga used twitter to voice her opinion, “It looks like green hair and mechanical horses are the thing now”. The “G.U.Y” singer is referencing Katy’s use of the mechanical horse she used at the American Music Awards earlier this year and Katy’s green wig. While both accusations are true, it looks like Gaga’s just starting trouble. Most recently Katy has been under fire for “copying” Gaga’s “vomiting-stunt” from her SXSW performance! While both artists tours may be very similar in some ways, I believe that the artist’s music can’t be any different! Do you guys think Gaga’s right or is it just a coincidence? Check out footage from both Katy Perry and Gaga’s exciting tours below!

Lady Gaga’s ARTRAVE

Katy Perry’s Prismatic


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