Special Guest Blog: Verzatyl – “Dead Without Me” [Watch]

Check this out! Verzatyl is a Rhode Island rapper that finds his inspiration and passion in hip-hop! Check out his story below!

 I have always been passionate about hip-hop since I was eight years old. I started rapping because I fell in love with hip-hop by digging into my older brothers album collections. The music was honest, poetic, deep, and had an early effect on me. Because I saw hip-hop music as a powerful outlet I started rapping to express myself. Some of my earliest influences were Jay Z, Tupac, Nas, Notorious B.I.G, Outkast, & The Clipse. Although they have influenced my music at some point in time I am most inspired by life. My inspiration comes from many things in life, which is one reason I named myself “Verzatyl” (versatile). My music is a collage of my experiences, likes, dislikes, culture, opinions, and views. Above all God is my biggest inspiration. It may sound cliché to some but without Him I would not be able to do what I do and for that I give Him all the glory. He has allowed me to express myself in a transparent way through music. My motive is to touch people through my music and I feel that music is my way of contributing something good to the world. My goal is to make it big so that I will be able to do that.“Dead Without Me” is Verzatyl’s lastest Music Video which features many familiar URI & Rhode Island faces. “Dead Without Me” is Verzatyl’s third single off his mixtape he dropped last summer called “Listeners Discretion Is Advised” The song is all about being on your grind and celebrating your success. Also, Verzatyl let’s everyone know that without his attendance the party will be dead. So here it is. Watch and enjoy! Be sure to look out for Verzatyl’s upcoming EP “Even Kings Dream” this Summer 2014.

Verzatyl – “Dead Without Me”


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