Justin Bieber Released After Arrest For DUI & Drag Racing [Update With Mugshot!]

Justin Bieber's MugshotJustin Bieber’s recent spiraling just got worse! This morning, Justin Bieber was pulled over in his yellow Lamborghini for drag racing. At one point, the police felt that the Biebs might have been under the influence so they hit him with a sobriety test, which he failed. TMZ reports, “The police report says … Bieber was defiant from the get-go, yelling at the cops, “Why the f**k are you doing this?” He also yelled, “What the f**k did I do. Why did you stop me? When the officer tried to perform a routine pat down, Bieber said, “I ain’t got no f**king weapons, why do you have to search me? What the f**k is this about?” Bieber claimed he wasn’t drunk and coming back from recording music. That’s not true, because we knew he was at a club”. TMZ has numerous photos of the Biebs in ‘The Set’ nightclub in Miami last night.  Apparently Justin’s at a Miami police department waiting to be booked. Based off of Bieber’s latest controversies, it was matter of time before the pop star found himself locked-up! Thankfully, it was just a DUI with drag race charges! Do you think that the Biebs is finally ready to get himself together or do you think the “Bieber-spiraling” will continue? We’ll just have to wait and see!

[Update 12:00PM] Justin Bieber  is all smiles in his mugshot! At a press conference today, police claimed ”[Bieber] made statements he had consumed some alcohol, been smoking marijuana and consumed some prescription medication.” According to the police report acquired by TMZ, cops pulled Bieber over after he allegedly raced at speeds of 55-60 mph in a 30-mph zone. The arrest form states the officer “smelled an odor of alcohol emanating from the driver’s breath, and bloodshot eyes… The driver had slow deliberate movements and a stupor look on his face.”

Justin Bieber Released After Arrest For DUI & Drag Racing Justin Bieber Released After Arrest For DUI & Drag Racing

[Update 5:30PM] The Biebs was released on $2,500 bond following his arrest in Miami, Fla. this morning (Jan. 23), where he was allegedly drag racing and DUI. He also cursed out cops and resisted arrest. He admitted to drinking beer, smoking pot and taking prescription pills, according to reports.

Justin Bieber ARRESTED For DUI and Drag Racing

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