Lady Gaga Announces “Gypsy” As ARTPOP’s Third Single! [Listen]

Lady Gaga Announces "Gypsy" As ARTPOP's Third Single! Today Lady Gaga announced “Gypsy” as the next promotional single off of Gaga’s ARTPOP. “Gypsy” is an upbeat pop track about being lonely when traveling the world. “This song is about traveling the world and sometimes feeling very lonely, but being okay with being alone because I have my fans and because when I get to a different country they are my home just for the day”, Gaga explained. “Gypsy” is actually one of my favorite tracks off the album! Interestingly, the track is the latest track that Gaga has done Red One (who brought us “Just Dance” and “Poker Face”) since Born This Way track, “Judas”. Thus far, the first two ARTPOP singles, “Applause” and “Do What U Want” have each had successes of their own so I’m interested in seeing how “Gypsy” will compare! Check out Lady Gaga’s “Gypsy” below!

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