New MV: B.o.B. – “John Doe” ft. Priscilla

New MV: B.o.B. - "John Doe" ft. PriscillaNew MV: B.o.B. - "John Doe" ft. PriscillaB.o.B. tackles addiction in his new single, “John Doe”, off his latest album, Underground Luxury. In the music video for the moving track, we meet Raylin, a small town girl that moves to Los Angeles for acting. Raylin showcases her addictions as she plummets to rock bottom. Recently, B.o.B. showcases a new urban image through tracks such as “Headbands” and “Up Down”, much different from the image that corresponded with his previous works such as “Airplanes” and “Magic” but this track reminisces that now, overdue image. Check out B.o.B. and Priscilla in the “John Doe” video below!


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