Special Guest Blog: Valerie Tangui – “Sound Of Love”

"Sound Of Love" "Sound Of Love"Check this out! Valerie Tangui is a Rhode Island talent who aspires to be a professional dancer in the entertainment industry. Check out her story below!

Dancing is second nature. I have been dancing ever since I was 4 years old. I come from a family who surrounds themselves with music and dance so it’s definitely in my blood. My studio is my home and training has made me the dancer I am today. I am constantly being pushed to be better, to dance better and that is what I try to do with every dance and performance. I always want to be better than my last performance. When you love something, you give it the best of you and that is what I do through dance. There’s nothing that I love more than giving my all through movement and that’s exactly what dance is to me. Only a dancer would understand how amazing it is to move your body to the beat, especially when it drops; you feel that inside and out. That is what makes me move. Whenever I perform, I’m giving all of me. What I love the most is the control that I have over my body, moving with the music and showcasing a story of my own. It’s an expression! I want people to feel my passion through my movement and that’s why I go hard every time. I aspire to be a better dancer than I was yesterday. Hopefully in years to come I can have a career where I can dance to my own music on tour! However, I want to start out as a back-up dancer, like Jennifer Lopez, shortly working my way to the top.

Check out Valerie’s, “Sound of Love”, the first installment to a series of videos to come!

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