Celebrity Psychic 2014 Predictions: Great Year For Lady Gaga, Terrible Year For Beyonce & The Kardashians!

Celebrity Psychic 2014 PredictionsNow that last year’s predictions all came true, I’m excited to share next year’s predictions! This time around, celebrity psychic, Christian Dion, predicts that Lady Gaga has an outstandingly successful year ahead of her, both professionally and personally! The professional successes may involve her ARTPOP Tour, which takes off next year. Personally? Maybe the pop start will find love . . . hmmmm, we’ll just have to wait and see! Christian also predicted that country singer, John Mayer, will have an amazing year, both professionally and personally as well! Will Katy and John tie the knot this upcoming year!? With the good comes the bad! Christian predicted that although Beyonce ends off this year with a bang, next year would be a terrible year for the entertainer! He also predicts that Lindsey Lohan will find herself in front of the judge, once again! We didn’t need a psychic to tell us that! Finally, Christian predicts that the Kardashian’s reign will finally come to an end. It looks like it’s time for Kendall Jenner to step it up! What do you guys think about next year’s predictions? Hopefully, 2014 brings us more amazing music and entertainment! Let’s reminisce 2013 in music with DJ Earthworm’s Mastermix of 2013’s hottest songs below!

DJ Earthworm – “Living The Fantasy”

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