The Worst Music Videos of 2013 [Watch]

The Worst Music Videos Of 2013

6. Miley Cyrus – “Adore You” 

“We Can’t Stop” was weird yet interesting, “Wrecking Ball” was shocking but it attracted attention but now this? C’mon Miley, can’t you do something less provocative and stick to the music?  The song, one of my favorite off the album, had potential for a great visual, but Miley ruined it by not only being overly provocative as always but being boring while doing it! I completely understand Miley’s use of shock value but now it looks simply desperate. I know Miley has more talent than this!

5. Justin Bieber – “All That Matters” 

Pop superstar, Justin Bieber made his fans really happy when he announced that he would be releasing 10 songs in preparation of his holiday big-screen experience, Believe. The first song of the session was the smooth, R&B track, “All That Matters”. A few days after the release of the song, Bieber released an interesting yet not visual for the track. Although the low budget, Wall of China-located, video was interesting, I believe it didn’t meet the hype of the song. This is also why I believe Bieber released an additional, much better video for the track.

4. Drake – “Worst Behavior 

While Drake dropped one of the hottest albums of 2013, the visuals corresponding to the Nothing Was The Same tracks were a little off. Firstly, the “Started From The Bottom” video was a true comedy and the “Hold On, Were Going Home” video was a bit exaggerated but nothing compared to the “Worst Behavior” video. Drake’s “Worst Behavior” video left fans in confusion about what the Canadian rapper was trying to accomplish. The video’s cameos included Drizzy’s father, Juicy J and a few OVO members but the skits, the skits . . . made the 10-minute video terrible! In my opinion, the intent of the visual for the track was cool BUT the execution was confusing and all over the place. Drake’s “Worst Behavior” video is definitely one of the worst of 2013! WORST! *Drake Voice*

3. Future – “Real & True” ft. Mr. Hudson & Miley Cyrus 

Let’s not even start with Future’s “Real & True” video. Actually let’s start! Earlier this year, Future teased fans with a 15-second preview for Honest track, “Real & True” ft. Mr. Hudson & Miley Cyrus. In the video, Miley Cyrus plays an alien that Future falls in love with. The visuals for the video are cool but the song itself makes the entire experience unbearable! That’s why I name this video one of the worst of 2013! Check out the video for yourself . . . bet you won’t make it through the entire thing!

2. Kanye West – “Bound 2” 

Kanye West shocked many people when he debuted the video for Yeezus track, “Bound 2”. When Ellen DeGeneres announced that Kim Kardashian would star in the video, I became excited because the song is one of my favorite and having Kim in the video made sense. As the video opened up with amazing visuals, I became excited but as the video continued and Kim and Kanye got more personal, it became extremely awkward. It literally looked like Kanye was pounding Kim on that motorcycle! I fully understand Kanye’s successful attempt to gain attention for the music video but now every time I listen to the song I can’t help but think about Kim and Kanye on that motorcycle and even worst, the parody that followed! I expected an artsy, unique and tasteful visual for the track but what we got was an artsy yet trashy performance!

1. J. Cole – “Crooked Smile” ft. TLC

You know those songs that grow on you once you watch the music video? The video for J. Cole’s Born Sinner track, “Crooked Smile” was the complete opposite. “Crooked Smile” ft. TLC was one of 2013’s best songs but the video was terrible! In the video, J. Cole tells an unfortunate story in relation to the drug war our nation currently faces. Although the use of Cole’s popular track as a platform for awareness as a great idea, I believe the story line was over exaggerated and completely irrelevant. The video’s execution was so bad that every time I hear the song, I get mad. I appreciate Cole’s attempt to aware viewers of the drug war but couldn’t he choose a different track!? Check out the video and let me know what you think!


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