New Music: Lady Gaga – “Do What You Want (Remix)” ft. R. Kelly & Rick Ross

Lady Gaga’s latest single, “Do What You Want” just got the Maybach touch. Today, Rick Ross released the anticipated “Do What You Want (Remix)” which features a new intro from R. Kelly and an additional verse from Rozay. If you didn’t notice, I’m not the biggest Ross fan but I really liked how Rozay rode the tracks beat. “For me to get to collab with her, that was a big one for the boss and if it’s big for the boss, you know it’s big. She’s a super-talented artist that loves to express herself to the fullest extreme”, Ross explained. Lady Gaga and R. Kelly have been working on the video to the track, to which I believe will be a continuation of Gaga’s pervious “Paparazzi” and “Telephone”! I can’t wait to see the video, which should drop very soon! Until then check out the “Do What You Want (Remix)” ft. R. Kelly & Rick Ross below!

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