Special Guest Blog: Sticky Pacaveli – “White America”

StickyPac - "White America"A wise man once said, “Life is a journey”; my journey began in Liberia, located on the western coast of Africa. As a kid, I witnessed it all!  I lost many friends due to civil wars, drugs, and violence; something not many people my age know about.  Growing up in a house of eight was not easy. My mother constantly had to find ways to provide for us because my father was not around for the majority of my youth. Although he wasn’t around as often as he should have, he still managed to teach me how to hustle! At a young age he once told me, “If you treat the people and the streets right, they will return the favor”.  I came to the US when I was 12.  I lived in Trenton, New Jersey for a brief stint of time before traveling to Rhode Island, in hopes of re-establishing connection with my old man. I attended East Providence High School and currently am enrolled at the University of Rhode Island. I’m using music as a way to tell my story and to reveal what’s inside my head hoping to inspire the people that hear my music. I don’t have much else to say, I will let the music speak for itself, real recognize real. So with that said please enjoy my new single “White America”.

1 Comment on Special Guest Blog: Sticky Pacaveli – “White America”

  1. STICKY PAC I see you out here!

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