James Franco & Seth Rogen Parody Kanye West’s “Bound 2” [Watch]

James Franco & Seth Rogen - "Bound 3"Last week, Kanye West released the visuals to Yeezus love song, “Bound 2”. The video, complete with a nude appearance by Yeezy’s fiance, Kim Kardashian, went viral stirring all types of media stories. This week, comedians James Franco and Seth Rogen keep the “Bound 2” momentum swinging with their own parody to the video. The video hilarious video looks exactly like the original but features James as Kanye and Seth as Kim, and yes . . . he’s sorta nude! It’s hilarious to see the famous comedians parody the couple that are becoming the go-to-parody couple. Check out James Franco and Seth Rogan in the “Bound 3” video below!

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