Special Guest Blog: Becky More Interviews YG + A Platinum Backstage Pass

Becky More Interviews YGHey everyone!  My name is Becky More and I’m a publicist and backstage reporter for Platinum Entertainment Group, LLC.  Platinum Entertainment is your premier source for event planning, entertainment, artist booking, and promotion.  We are a growing, URI-based company and plan nightlife events all over Rhode Island, Connecticut, Boston, and more.
Tyga Performs At The Ryan Center On November 16th
This past Saturday, November 16, we hosted one of the biggest hip-hop shows to hit Rhode Island all year right here at The Ryan Center.  I had the pleasure of working backstage with rappers Tyga and YG!
 YG (Young Gangsta), an up-and-coming rapper from Compton, California, played all of our favorite hits and set the mood for the massive crowd.  He previewed tracks from his debut album, My Krazy Life, which hits the market in the beginning of 2014.  After his performance, I had the opportunity to interview him back stage where he told me all about his debut album, his career, and even his tattoos.  My Krazy Life is basically YG’s autobiography.  All of the songs tell a story about his life, from when he started out to where is is today.
YG Performin At The Ryan Center On November 16th
During shows like this, the stress is on backstage.  Let me tell you, was not easy to land an interview with YG.  I literally had to stalk him down after his warm-up, be aggressive, and as him if I could interview him.  He was caught off-guard, and seemed hesitant at first.  Thankfully, he came through and allowed me to speak with him…but not until after Tyga‘s set.
Becky More Prepares To Interview YG
When his show finally finished, I literally had 15 minutes to hunt down our photographers and videographers, talk to the body guards and managers outside of YG’s greenroom, make sure my hair and makeup was perfect, run through my questions, set up the stage for the interview, and conduct the questions clearly and concisely.
Currently, the recap video of the backstage interview is in the works.  I would like to thank our photographer, Siouxside, for his photos, and our Squires Entertainment for the video in advance.  Be on the look out, because BIG things are happening behind-the-scenes with Platinum Entertainment Group.  I’ll be sure to keep you all posted, as we have huge events in the works for New Year’s Eve and Spring semester!
For more on Platinum Entertainment Group visit our website at www.pentertainmentg.com follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/PentertainmentG and check out our Twitter and Instagram accounts @pentgroup.
For more updates on Becky More, follow her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/becky.morley and Twitter @g1mmethatbecky.
YG – “My Nigga” ft. Jeezy & Rich Homie Quan

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