New Video: Lady Gaga – “An ARTPOP Film”

Lady Gaga - "ARTPOP: The Movie"Lady Gaga - "ARTPOP: The Movie" Today Lady Gaga released a new visual for her #1 album, ARTPOP. “An ARTPOP Film” showcases Gaga’s many looks during the photo shoot for the album’s single covers and album packaging. As Gaga poses in many different outfits, the album’s title track plays in the background. “The is me on a creative pop trip, I performed for 12 hrs straight. Me+Music+Pain+Creativity= ARTPOP X,” Gaga tweeted. ARTPOP is a great pop album featuring R. Kelly, T.I., Too $hort and Twista! Check out Gaga’s “An ARTPOP Film” below!


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