Katy Perry “Prism” Album Review

Katy Perry - PrismThree years after releasing her record-breaking album Teenage Dream, Katy Perry returns with her new album, Prism. At first, Katy described the album as the complete opposite to previous albums, describing a “darker and truer” feel that would be delivered through Katy’s hardships such as her public divorce and break-ups. On release of the album’s first single, “ROAR”, we quickly realized that wasn’t the case. Katy then described the album as a “true pop-record” that would be less about the usual candy-coated, California girl gimmick and more about displaying her “colors”, hence the title “Prism”. Some of my favorite tracks on the album include smooth, dub-step inspired track, “Dark Horse” ft. Juicy J, the dance-crazed, club anthem, “Walking On Air” and the upbeat-pop meets disco track, “Birthday”. The album also includes some amazing ballads that showcase Katy’s voice with tracks such as “Unconditionally” and “It Takes Two”. Interestingly, Katy returns to her gospel roots with the undeniably touching track, “By The Grace of God”. While the album is an amazing pop record with amazing production, Katy’s beautiful voice and catchy lyrics, I’m a little disappointed. When I review artists’ albums, I look for growth and evolution in the artist and Katy’s Prism doesn’t showcase that. There is no evident growth or transition between Katy’s Teenage Dream and Prism. I know Katy can produce hits, I know I’ll unwillingly be singing her songs but I want to see her grow as an artists. Although the album will probably debut at #1 on the Billboard Top 200, I believe that in order for Katy to stay relevant, her next album has to deliver something new; especially in such a competitive, revolving pop-industry!

Katy Perry – “ROAR” 

Katy Perry – “Unconditionally” 

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