Rihanna Gets New Tattoo! [Watch]

Rihanna Gets New Tattoo [Watch]This morning I came across an interesting video of Rihanna getting her newest tattoo! In the video, Riri can be seen getting a traditional Polynesian tattoo on her right hand. Unlike a traditional tattoo, using a needle with ink, the “Moko” tattoo includes a small hammer and chisel that is lightly tapped into the skin with ink with dye being dropped into the open wounds shortly after. Sounds painful, huh? It’s nothing for Rihanna who takes the pain like a champ! The tattoo isn’t finished yet and is said to be a continuation of the tribal tattoo on the same hand! Pretty dope! Check out the video below!

1 Comment on Rihanna Gets New Tattoo! [Watch]

  1. Marian Taylor // October 14, 2013 at 8:35 PM // Reply

    Wow oh wow. Makes pain look easy!!!


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