New MV: Britney Spears – “Work Bitch”

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 9.58.31 PMNew MV: Britney Spears - Work BitchIf Britney Spears talks the talk, she walks the walk. Last week the pop superstar released the electronic, pop smash, “Work Bitch”. Today, Britney released the soon to be iconic video for the track. Amongst a dozen locations, Britney sings and dances in the desert with a Lamborghini, in a bar, in a pool full of sharks; regardless of location, Britney Spears is sexy. I haven’t seen Britney looking this good since I was 9. I believe that this is video marks the return of Britney Spears. The song currently sits at #13 on the Billboard Top 100 but after this she’s deserves #1. Like I said, she looks good! “Work Bitch” is the first single off a new album Britney is working on for later this year. Check out Britney Spears’ “Work Bitch” video below!

1 Comment on New MV: Britney Spears – “Work Bitch”

  1. Thanks for the peek at what shes up to!


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