Ariana Grande “Yours Truly” Album Review

Ariana Grande Yours TrulyAriana Grande has made a solid impact with her debut singles “The Way” ft. Mac Miller and “Popular”. The Nickelodeon star surprised many with her amazing, harmonizing voice. Yesterday marked the release of her debut album Yours Truly which is a true pop album! While Ariana’s voice is reminiscent of young Mariah Carey, Ariana brings a fresh new feeling with the songs on her album. Ariana showcases her octave vocals on slow ballads such as “Almost Is Never Enough” ft. The Wanted’s Nathan Skyes, “Tattooed Heart” and “Day Dreaming”. “You Will Never Know”, “Popular” ft. MIKA and “Piano” are all pop tracks that deliver a fun, upbeat experience like “The Way” and “Baby I” do. One of my favorite tracks off the album is “Right There” ft. Big Sean, a smooth, pop song reminiscent of a 90’s R/B track. Yours Truly will definitely please fans and will also receive good reviews from critics. Overall, I believe that Ariana has made a successful introduction into the music industry. Ariana’s voice is amazing and I believe that there will always be room in music for such an amazing voice!

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