Lady Gaga Previews iTunes Festival Performance + New Song “Sex Dreams”

Lady Gaga - "Sex Dreams"

Lady Gaga has made her official comeback after performing  ”Applause” at the MTV Video Music Awards. Last week Gaga revealed that she would be performing 5 tracks off of her upcoming album at next month’s iTunes Music Festival. Those 5 tracks include “Applause”, the track that will complete the “Paparazzi”/”Telephone” trilogy as well as one of the album’s collaborations! In a video of Gaga rehearsing for the festival, Lady Gaga can be seen rehearsing new track “Sex Dreams”. Yesterday, the Gaga previewed another song called “Manicure” and the day before that “Swine“. While Gaga is known for her pop hits, the preview reveals a much different Gaga who performs a rock inspired tune. I believe the track will be a great one showing Lady Gaga’s true musical ability and roots! It reminds me of Lady Gaga’s Lollapalooza performance before she became the iconic performer she is today. Check out Lady Gaga’s rehearsal video below!


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