Miley Cyrus Releases “Bangerz” Album Art

Miley Cyrus - "Bangerz"Miley Cyrus has become the center of attention with her controversial new image. While the twerking has become unstoppably annoying, and Miley has become parent’s worst nightmare, I love the new Miley! Expect a lot from the pop singer as she promotes her upcoming album, “Bangerz”, due for release October 10th. Earlier this week, Miley released her 80’s-touched photos from the “Bangerz” photo-shoot. In the photos, Miley presents her racy new image anticipating fans for the album release. “Bangerz” has plenty of collaborations including Big Sean, Pharrell, Britney Spears, Juicy J, Nelly, Nicki Minaj and a few more! I predict “Bangerz” along with all of it’s future singles will be very successful as Miley continues to raise eyebrows! Check out the rest of the photos from the shoot and Miley’s new track “Wrecking Ball” below!

Miley Cyrus Bangerz Photo Shoot


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