Behind The Scenes of Beyonce’s “XO” Music Video

Beyonce Rides Coney Island's CycloneYesterday, Beyonce was spotted riding Coney Island’s famous Cyclone roller coaster. In the front seat, Beyonce sits next to her stylist and in the seat behind them is a mini camera capturing the diva’s ride experience. The footage of Beyonce is supposedly for Beyonce’s upcoming “XO” video. Beyonce, a roller coaster, a new . . .  music video? Beyonce fans are probably going wild because B hasn’t released an actual music video in a while! There’s also footage of Beyonce having a dance battle for the upcoming video as well as people getting ready for a scene on bumper cars! It looks like the upcoming album will be fun and energetic with it’s carnival theme. Beyonce should make a return to the music scene with her fifth album any time now . . . Until then, check out some videos from the set below!

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