Timbaland Teases His Upcoming Michael Jackson Project + Can He Bring Back The King of Pop?

Michael JacksonLast night, producer Timbaland released a teaser video for his upcoming project. In the  video that repeatedly cuts back to photos of Michael Jackson, Timbaland explains, “To even go bigger would be two kings working together. LA Reid came to me, like to my house , ‘I have something big I want to do’. I could tell you the first single is going to be ‘Chicago’ but Im gonna set it up right. Nah, we talked on the phone that was it. Its hard to bring anything out because its now your just gonna hear my music with his voice on it. It’s my time, now watch me go.” The teaser ends dramatically leaving viewers asking, “Can Timbaland bring back the King of Pop”? Bringing such an iconic singer’s voice back to life through your production is an incredible opportunity as well as of a responsibility. “So last night I heard some of the new tracks Timbaland is doing for the King of Pop… WOW!”, Timbaland’s DJ tweeted a few nights ago.Many famous producers such as Dark Child and Teddy Riley explained that theres many Jackson productions that are incomplete and suggests that adding another artist would be amazing. A leak of a Michael Jackson/ Justin Bieber track, “Slave To The Rhythm” just dropped and it’s sounds great! A comeback for the King of Pop could be amazing but a miss could be tragic! I believe the producer who has currently worked with both, Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake, is fully capable of the job! What do you guys think? What artist would you like to hear collaborated with MJ? We’ll just have to wait and see what Timbaland has in store! Until then check out the Timbaland’s teaser below!


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