One Direction Responds To Taylor Swift’s VMA Jab

One Direction Responds To Taylor Swift's VMA JabYou can “feel” the tension in the air when it came to superstar’s Taylor Swift and One Direction at the VMA! Additional to Taylor Swift mouthing “STFU” when One Direction kicked off the show, Taylor sublimely thanked One Direction member Harry Styles for inspiring her VMA winning song, “I Knew You Were Trouble”. On the red carpet of 1D’s new movie, the boys were asked about Taylor’s jab at Harry. “We were a bit confused. We thought she was actually calling out Nial, so the whole things a bit confusing”, Liam explained. “I just thought it was a bit not needed. I mean, you just won an award, its like, concentrate on yourself.” While One Direction certainly isn’t pleased with Taylor’s award speech, Taylor can care less, it’s what she does! Check out Taylor Swift’s award winning video, “I Knew You Were Trouble” below!


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