Are Drake And Rihanna Getting Back Together?

Are Drake And Rihanna Getting Back Together ?Rumors of Drake and Rihanna getting back together have been flooding the Internet lately. It all started when Drake released Nothing Was The Same single, “Hold On Were Going Home”, where Drake sings, “I want your high love and emotion endlessly. Cause you’re a good girl and you know it!” Rihanna added fluid to the flames when she tweeted that it was her favorite song moments after she tweeted the lyrics. While that doesn’t confirm anything, the two were spotted eating lunch yesterday at the Sons Of Essex restaurant in New York. At last night’s VMA Rihanna didn’t look flattered by Drake’s performance of her “favorite” song, which shattered any rumors of the two superstars rekindling. However, after the VMA the two were both at an after party at P-HD Rooftop Lounge in Lower Manhattan where an inside source says, “They were in very good spirits and were dancing and singing. Drake and Rihanna seemed to be just friends enjoying a fun night out.” The two reportedly left the club moments after each other. At this moment, it doesn’t seem like anything is for sure. Either Rihanna or Drake are enjoying each other’s company or they’re working on future music . . . maybe both! Time will tell! I wouldn’t mind some new Drake and Rihanna collaborations! Check out the track that started this all;  “Hold On Were Going Home”, below!

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