Bitch Gang – “Pass Out” [Rich Gang “Tap Out” Parody]

Bitch Gang - "Pass Out"“She make you wanna, pass out!” Usually, parodies are alright but one group of clowns did a great job with their Rich Gang, “Tap Out” parody. The song titled, “Pass Out” is complete with a verse from Lil Wayne, Birdman, Nicki Minaj and of course Future covers the hook. I feel like the guys who did Future and Lil Wayne were right on and clowning Birdman to the fullest was hilarious! The lyrics to the parody are also hysterical! I’m pretty sure that after you watch this video, you’ll be singing, “She got that fishy, fishy ohh ohh ohh!” Check out Bitch Gang’s “Pass Out” video below!



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