New Video: Kanye West – “American Psycho” Inspired Short Film ft. Scott Disick- What Does It Mean?

Kanye West and Scott DisickKanye West continues to promote his album, Yeezus, with his unique and mysterious wall projections. This time around, Kanye released a short clip inspired by “American Psycho” which was displayed on the same building Kanye held the album’s listening party. The clip features Kourtney Kardashian’s boyfriend, Scott Disick and girlfriend, Kim Kardashian’s best friend, Jonathan Cheban. In the clip, Scott aka Lord Dissick acts creepy and awkward as he discusses Kanye’s musical journey expressing how impressed he was with Kanye’s 2010 album, My Twisted Dark Fantasy. We can see Jonathan Chaban relaxing in a chair as Scott runs into the room with an ax. Scott then reveals Kanye’s, Yeezus, playing the album’s lead single, “No Slaves” before continuing to discuss, “I Am God”, another track off the album. As “No Slaves” plays in the background, Scott gruesomely murders Jonathan before changing into his infamous, “douche-bag”, suit & tie! What does this mean though!? Although I couldn’t really hear the clip’s audio, I believe that the clip represents Kanye’s entrapment; not only to his music and his label, but society altogether further promoting the “new slaves” theme. The clip brought out many fans including Justin Bieber and Tyler the Creator! Check out the clip and if you have a clue what it’s all about, let me know in the comments below!


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