New Music: Britney Spears – “Ooh La La”

Britney Spears - "Ooh La La"

This morning, Britney Spears called into “On Air With Ryan Seacrest” to promote her new single, “Ooh La La” off of “The Smurfs 2” Soundtrack. The song is an upbeat, fun and self-defined, “straight up-pop”, track about being you. The track will be featured on the upcoming film due, July 31st. While talking to Ryan, Britney revealed that her two sons will be featured in the music video, due for release in a couple of weeks. She also addressed rumors of a future “Las Vegas” residency/show to which she dubbed, “possible”. She finally discussed her upcoming “cool” album (produced by Will.I.Am.), which is currently in the works and should drop by the end of the year. I’m definitely looking forward to future Britney! Until then check out Britney’s new single, “Ooh La La” below!


4 Comments on New Music: Britney Spears – “Ooh La La”

  1. das tanto ASCO solo sirves pra epctsirue, y ten cuidado!no te vistas mucho de mujer que por lo qe sigo viendo ers una loca atrevida, que solo bscas penes erectos!! no m extraf1a con esa cara, cualquiera te mira a ls ojos JAJAJ ers mazo de patetico, y pra hablar de los europeos te lavas la boca 343 veces, prque a saber que tu eres un pobreton de un pais pobre sin cultura y das mucho asco, aprende a escribir y luego hablamos vale? ANALFABETO! MARICON TU PUTA FAMILIA DESGRACIADO!

  2. Sorry that you are not feeling your best, but it’s great that you are able to maintain optimism even when you’re feeling down! I totally understand what you’re talking about: I often feel even more depressed when I focus on how guilty I am about the fact that I’m not starving, for example, but just as you say … a bad day is a bad day. And you are so smart to have the optimism to know that things will brighten up soon. So. Let this comment be one sign that someone is sending you good vibes: (btw, you left a really great comment on my blog some time ago, but I’d stopped blogging until just a few days ago, and now I’ve found my way back to your blog and here I am writing this post. So I am thrilled to return the kindness you showed me!)

  3. Very true! Makes a change to see someone spell it out like that. 🙂

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