Will Lady Gaga Ever Follow-Up With Her “Paparazzi”/”Telephone” Mini Movie?

LAdy Gaga PaparazziLady Gaga has some of the most unique and shocking music videos up to date! In 2009, the pop singer’s music video for The Fame track, “Paparazzi”, leaked online. The video, inspired by Princess Diana’s death to the paparazzi features Gaga as a starlet caught in a murderous plot. The video starts with Gaga being thrown off of a balcony after a fight with her boyfriend. By the end of the video, Gaga gets revenge by murdering her boyfriend landing her in prison. In 2010, Gaga teamed up with Beyonce in the video for “Telephone” off of Lady Gaga’s second album, The Fame Monster. This video starts with Beyonce bailing Gaga out of jail. The two pop divas end up murdering a whole diner and escaping the scene. This video ends off with the classic “To be continued . . .” Since then Lady Gaga has dropped a full album with a few music videos but hasen’t continued the mini movie. However, after a longer-than-expected hiatus, due to hip surgery, Gaga is expected to return to the scene on August 3rd at Beyonce’s concert in New York. It’s rumored that the two may perform supposed single, “Ratchet“! Maybe the third video of Gaga’s mini-movies will be “Ratchet”. If so what will the video be about!? Any ideas Know-it-Alls? Until then, check out both “Paparazzi” and “Telephone” below!

Lady Gaga – “Paparazzi”

Lady Gaga – “Telephone” Ft. Beyonce

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