NYPD Reveal There Were No Drugs In Amanda Bynes’ Apartment!

From getting arrested for possession of marijuana and misconduct to being under media’s fire for her bizarre twitter rants, Amanda Bynes is probably having the worst week ever! The “All That” actress has been tweeting that she in no way had any drugs in her apartment and according to TMZ this is true! Amanda’s “drug case” is quickly falling apart because there is no hard evidence that she had drugs or even threw a bong out the window! Yesterday, TMZ released a photo of what is supposedly the bong she through out her 31st floor apartment window . . . to me it looks like a bottle of Ciroc either way Amanda has admitted to throwing a “vase” out the window.

Amanda Bynes Bong

Lawyers admit that charging Amanda with anything will be hard due to lack of evidence! At the end of the day, it looks like this whole mess was pointless! If I were to give Amanda advice I would tell her to deactivate her Twitter account! While the actresses twitter rants can be entertaining they are only making things worse! Secondly, I would tell her to go to Alaska, India or Bermuda! Get yourself together before starting that “rap career”! Lastly, I would tell her to contact Nicki Minaj’s wig stylist, if she’s gonna have a successful rap career, she can’t continue to make appearances looking like the abominable snowman!


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