Amanda Bynes Claims Rihanna Bashing Tweets Were Fake + Announces Rap Career

Amanda Bynes Announces Rap CareerPoor girl! Amanda Bynes is trying to get herself out of this hole that she’s been in for quite a while now but she’s already in too deep! Yesterday, the actress bashed Rihanna via twitter for “no reason” after leaving court for charges of marijuana possession and throwing a bong out of her New York apartment window. Following media blowing up her now deleted tweets about Rihanna, she tweeted that the tweets were fake, she’s allergic to drugs and alcohol, the NYPD sexually assaulted her, explained that she’s getting a nose job and finally that she has a promising rap career in the making! That was a lot! The NYPD released a statement today that Amanda is indeed lying. While it’s truly unknown what’s actually going on with Amanda, I hope everything clears up so she could get this “rap career” of her’s on and poppin’!


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