Ciara Changes ‘One Woman Army’ To ‘Ciara’ + More Info On The Album!

Ciara Changes 'One Woman Army' To 'Ciara' + More Info On The Album

Word on Ciara’s upcoming album, ‘One Woman Army’ ‘Ciara’ have been circulating the web for a while now. Ciara has released a few singles from the album including “Sorry” and “Body Party”. Yesterday she released the album’s tracklisting and album cover but amongst the tragic Boston incident, she held back on any other announcements. I believe that ‘Ciara’ is going to be very successful as Ciara continues to make real R&B music. The album will feature big names such as Nicki Minaj and Future. ‘Ciara’ is due this summer! Until then, check out the‘Ciara’ tracklisting and singles below! 

1. ‘I’m Out’ feat. Nicki Minaj
2. ‘Sophomore’
3. ‘Body Party’
4. ‘Keep On Lookin’’
5. ‘Read My Lips’
6. ‘Where You Go’ Feat. Future
7. ‘Super Turnt Up’
8. ‘DUI’
9. ‘Livin’ It Up’
10. ‘Overdose’


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