Beyonce Shows Off Her And Blue Ivy’s Matching Director Chairs + Will Blue Ivy Become A Singer?

Beyonce kicks off her ‘Mr Carter World’ Tour in just two weeks and of course she’s bringing her daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, along. Blue Ivy is about a year and a half old so she’s running around, she’s messing and getting into things; y’all know how babies are at that age! Beyonce shared her and Blue’s matching director chairs, Beyonce’s reading ‘Mr Carter World Tour’ and Blue’s reading ‘BIC’, standing for Blue Ivy Carter not ‘B*tch In Charge’! I can’t deny how cute they look side by side. I can only imagine the two sitting in them before the concert! With Beyonce bringing Blue along with her on a few shows, I wonder if she’ll “want to be like mommy or even daddy”. I mean the little girls surrounded by the world’s biggest artists, they’re bound to influence her musically. Do y’all think Blue Ivy will become a singer or even a rapper? In a perfect world! Time will tell! Check out Beyonce in the “Sweet Dreams” video below!


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