Beyonce, Jay Z And Blue Ivy Step Out For Lunch + Blue Ivy Is Getting Big!

Beyonce, Jay Z and Blue Ivy Step Out For Lunch + Blue Is Getting Big!

Beyonce and Jay-Z have kept their daughter,Blue Ivy, under the radar ever since her birthday. Yesterday, the family stepped out for lunch at Butterfield  Channel in Brooklyn, New York and to everyones surprise, Blue Ivy is getting big! Even though its been well over a year, it’s hard to believe how big Blue has gotten. Blue is definitely at the age where she’s walking around the house destroying all of the little nick-nacks on the super stars’ platinum coffee table’s, getting into the expensive jewels shed etc etc. But really, can y’all see Beyonce and Jay interacting with Blue; playing with her, disciplining her . . . It must be a site to see! Beyonce just released “Bow Down” a track off her upcoming album which Beyonce is working on remixing with other Houston artists. Currently both Jay-Z and Beyonce are finalizing their upcoming albums! If you haven’t heard Beyonce’s “Bow Down” buzz single, check out the controversial track below!


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