Lil Wayne Was Shocked By TMZ’s News

Lil Wayne Was Shocked By TMZ's News

When Lil Wayne went to the hospital last weekend, TMZ basically killed your boy! TMZ reported that after the “Love Me” rapper had a couple seizures, he went into a coma and was supposedly on his death bed! Mack Maine shares what happened when they all heard the news, “I was actually sitting right next to him, honestly, when it happened, and his mom was in the other room, and his face dropped.I just saw it in his face, like, ‘I can’t believe that'”, he explained. Many artists were angered by the lies including both Mack Maine and T.I. “A lot of blogs and stuff put out some foolishness, but that wasn’t true. He has four kids. Imagine his daughter hearing that somewhere in school or something like that, so he wasn’t too happy about that.”, he continued. Weezy was released from the hospital a few days ago, just in time for the release of his tenth album, ‘I Am Not A Human Being II’ which features plenty of artists such as 2 Chainz, Drake, Big Sean, Future, Nicki Minaj and many others. ‘I Am Not A Human Being II’ will be released on Tuesday, March 26th! Until then check out Lil Wayne along with Drake and Future in the “Love Me” video below!


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